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NLP3: Masters NLP Practice and Certification

NLP3: Masters NLP Practice and Certification.

At the Basic and Advanced levels, our courses run somewhat parallel–in terms of content–to what is taught at other NLP centers that do a respectful and comprehensive job for their students. (There are not that many of these centers. They cannot be created overnight or be staffed by trainers who learned yesterday, but there are some very fine ones, nevertheless.) By bringing yourself and your fellow students through Basic and Advanced, you’ve experienced the exquisite care with which we at Therapeutic NLP insist on respecting all of our experience, and all of your experience. Although the content has been similar, the atmosphere, events, and resonance within and around our trainings are unique in the NLP world. This is not simply a matter of our students’ actually learning some challenging skills that take considerable time and practice, but that also require a major consciousness upgrade, to apply well in the world. Therapeutic NLP and conventional NLP are very different. They are different, intensely so, even though they are also similar. This is very hard for us to communicate in print, but for 5+ years my clients have routinely confirmed my sense that this is a reality.

Beginning at the Masters level, there is no longer a lot of similarity. We are at last able to present a combination of (a little bit) of standard NLP Master Practitioner material and a great deal of our own, home-grown curriculum. Masters level training focuses on Belief and Identity change. In NLP2: Advanced NLP Practice and Certification, you learned the skills to discover and update Behavior and Capability patterns. Now you will learn to notice and untangle the beliefs and identity issues that have stabilized the Intended Positive Outcomes of all types of outdated patterning. Master Practitioner Certification is an intense exploration of the experience structures that create and stabilize our sense of who we are in the world. You will be learning amazingly useful ideas about childhood development, the formation and structure of beliefs, and Therapeutic NLP concepts such as The Gambler's Strategy, The Waldorf Protection System, and others. This is where all that work you put into developing rapport skills, and all the attention on ecology and intended positive outcomes, has been leading you. We will move forward from the domain of techniques that merely add and connect resources, and move into the territory where we are able to summon what we need to create order and profound, deeply respectful change.

In taking the MASTER PRACTITIONER TRAINING you will be able to:

Create Core Change by Understanding the Structure of Survival and Hope. If you are like most people, you became interested in NLP because it promised to deliver permanent change. That is to say you will not need to "remember" (e.g. through assertions or positive thinking) to be different. In order to make this type of core level change, we need to understand and appreciate the "ecology" of the change. In Advanced Practice and Certification, we paid a lot of attention to survival and safety patterning; now we will also include Hope in the equation.

Ability to work with Belief and Identity change skillfully. To invite full mastery of NLP into your practice and your life, you must learn and integrate both technical skill and deep understanding of the structure of being human. In the Masters course, you will be immersed in new conceptual framework such as Metaprograms, childhood development theory, as well as Tracy’s unique observations and teachings from being in practice and creating over 20 years of business change. Using this knowledge and experiential basis, you will practice, practice, practice and learn to destabilize limiting and often painful structures of belief and identity.

Develop true NLP Mastery. We abhor the “techniquey” forms of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We are cheerfully impatient with most of the insistence some NLP people put on Newtonian well-formedness. We take the time to really teach and develop know-how, not just prattling buzz words and cookie-cutter change formulas. We do not turn out NLP technicians, nor do we want to; we strive to develop practitioners with skill, heart, and wisdom. This means that as a Therapeutic NLP Master Practitioner graduate you will not only have a toolbox of techniques, but a deeply integrated sense of when and where to use what techniques and when and how to continually make up something new and different.

Establish a seamless and integrated way of working. Because our students come from all walks of life and have different goals, we teach our students to incorporate their Masters experience as a way of being in the world–a stance towards life as well as a congruent way of working with a client “in session.” In the Masters class, you will learn and integrate a whole new set of presuppositions about being human, and working with humans, to continue the journey you began in Basic and Advanced Practice and Certification.

Finally learn to really respect yourself. With the advent of teachings like “the secret,” and other useful and not-so-useful extensions of "positive thinking," many of us are left not really liking ourselves very much. These well-intentioned teachings sometimes leave us non-usefully focused on the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Therapeutic NLP provides the experiences and creates the “how-to” that allows us to really understand and appreciate all the elegance and beauty of your current way of being–all of the remarkable intended positive outcomes of stuck Present States. From this place, it is possible to create shifts (if you still want to). We call this creating Rapport with Self.

Gain the prerequisites to take our Post-Masters level courses. NLP Mastery is the basis of a whole theater of learning that Tracy has developed about what it is and means to be human, and how to shift or change our experience. As profound as the NLP Masters training is already, there is even more. Because our NLP Master Practitioner training is unique, and because we (our staff and you, our students) spend so much time and effort mastering such a high level of skills, framework, and stance integration, we only accept graduates of our own Master Practitioner Training into our advanced coursework (Therapeutic NLP I, II, and III, and much, much more).

During NLP3 we cover the following material:

While there are distinct skills, tools, and patterns that will be added to your toolbox during the Masters class, the focus is on the frames you use to understand the world and to make meaning of what people are telling you. It is only by understanding, respecting, and deeply appreciating that we can even truly consider changing anything for ourselves or others. In the Masters course, you will begin to be able to answer for yourself the question most beginning practitioners have: “How do I know what resource to use?”

First weekend: Meta-Programs. A wonderful aspect of our legacy from conventional NLP, and the remarkable people who did such pioneering work. Through what filters do you see the world? How may that be different for your clients? Learn to identify your own perceptual filters and become a more skilled communicator in any context by being able to adapt your communication to the filters of others.

Second weekend: Childhood Development Stages. One frame that distinguishes Therapeutic NLP from other NLP centers is its willingness to explore and respect the root source of present pain. To understand the meaning a brain may be making from its internal representations it is useful to explore what stage of development a child was in when he/she installed that particular representation in their mind.

Third and Fourth weekends: In the third and fourth weekends you will continue to integrate the frameworks of the first two weekends. Learn advanced reimprinting and explore the structure of beliefs and existential baseline states. The coursework covers reimprinting on spatially ancored timelines and also alternate NLP version of these remarkable interactions.

Fifth weekend: We will explore the Structure of Identity and work with the Family-Dinner-Table-Information-Gathering-and-Festival-of-Reframing format.

Sixth weekend: We will cover modeling for business competence and a variety of refinements on reimprinting and extensions of alternative Identity-level change.

Seventh weekend: We will work with trans-incarnational timelines, time-warping language patterns, “sleight of mouth” reframing (all our updates of valuable standard NLP material), temporal-spatial sorting, and Programmer Stance.

Eighth weekend: Integration and testing for Master Practitioner Certification. Introduction to Advanced NLP frames such as “Suffering Obligations of Love” and Transgenerational Belief and Identity change.


Location: Our classes are currently located at Angel Hands Wellness at 201-1416 West 8th Ave in Vancouver. Please make sure you are in contact with Tracy about your contact information so that she may make sure you get proper notification of the location of your class.

Time:Each weekend will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday. Class runs from 10am-6pm with a lunch break from approximately 1-2:30 (the time frame is sometimes a little later or earlier depending on the flow of the day). Students are expected to bring their own lunch or go out to a local restaurant. Coffee, Tea, and Hot and Cold Water are provided.

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