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Leadership, Brain, & Personality Assessments

Leadership Assessments:

When you are mesuring leadership abiilty and want to know areas to improve this 360 degree test can help. This assessment is designed to measure 10 leaderships competencies: communication skills; organizations and organizational change; character; ethics; style; creativity; team building skills; leadership; learning and teaching skills; system theory and thinking and planning.

In developing leaders one must always know where to start and not everyone is in the same place. This assessment helps determine where your leaders are in the leadership development. Providing the results with a day seminar allows us to disect out and honor each other's strengths while build individualized learning plans for our oversights in our leadership development.

Personality Assessments:

This is our own Below Consious personality test in its grandest form. Our current testing can predict Meyers-Briggs Score with a 2% error. It is a simple test with only one question to fill out but provides unbelievable unique and detailed information about the individual taking the test. You can try out a very limited version of it here or have use run the entire thing for groups in your organization.

In the day-long seminar will have you and your people undestanding things about others as if your people are mindreaders - even though they are learning just little pieces of information people give away whether they talk or not! Then the only choice your people have is to get along or not - the techniques taught are immensley powerful and will increase each participant's ability to influence others.

Brain (Thinking and Behavioral) assessments: - EmergeneticsĀ® created By Geil Browning

Currenlty the world's largest test of quadrant thinking styles and behavioral styles. This is an amazing assessment only 100 questions long that will have your employees know what they need they need to do to get the most out of thier brains. A highlight of this training is that your employees learn how to talk to each other to get the best out of each other and know when they are missing a brain styles input.

Each assessment can be delivered as a stand alone or part of a one-day seminar.

Currently we are validating our Below Conscious assessment. We would love to have your input and in exchange for doing our survey we will send you back a FREE full personality assessment. If you are interested please contact Tracy directly through our profile site at

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Business Constellations

Work and Business Constellations are for business people and professionals who suspect that their work-related stress or difficulty with decision-making have complicated origins and cannot be fully resolved with greater effort or more information. If you feel that hidden dynamics may be preventing you from being your best at work, then work and business constellations are a great way to gain insights that lead to real resolutions.

Some common scenarios that may be resolved with work and business constellations:

  • Not meeting your goals or your organization is not meeting its goals. You or your organization seems to be working hard but getting nowhere. Struggling repeatedly with challenges that appear to be out of yours or your organization's control.
  • Difficult relationships within the organization. Specific dynamics within organization layers or a subordinate, miscommunication, or lack of clarity with business partners.
  • Difficult high-level decisions like partnering with other organizations, risky investments, merging, hiring for key positions.

Constellations were originally called "Family Reconstructions" and originally designed and developed by Virginia Satir. Bert Hellinger further developed the technology and then Carl Buccheit and Michelle Masters at NLP Marin further refined this work. There are few practitioners that run constellations for buisness. My personal development of this type of constellation may not look and feel anything like what those other work and buisness practitioners do, due to my background.

Part of the constellation pre-work is actually working with the energy of the space used for the constellation. Many times buildings hold the energy of previously failing companies - it is not unheard of for a company to fail in one location but thrive in another or for every company inhabiting a particular space fail. The effect of clearing the space in which the company is working and then the subsequent constellation aiding in the re-direction removes any inherited traits from founding individuals' families and the inhabited space. The constellation also helps clear any other obstacles that may be in the way of the company achieving its goals.

It is not uncommon for the constellation space to uncover previously privately held conversations that impacted company holdings even though those conversation participants are not present durign the constellation. Amazing shifts have been known to occur very quickly after a constellation has taken place.

Constellations work by dealing gently, honestly and directly with facts, rather than beliefs or our story. Using this technology we can discover how our attitudes and stances contribute to the difficult situations we find ourselves in (and our organizations) and how we can contribute to creating a shift in the prevailing dynamics of our organizations.

We tend to run work and business constellations by request.

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Measuring the Market Unconscious

For some time now there has been evidence to support the idea of something called Morphogenic Fields. Morphogenetic Fields seem to be an infomration system that exists on the outside of our bodies and together with other people'e morphogenic field they create a neruo-network or a neuro-net. For while now, I have been privy to some information on reading neuro-nets which has provided fascination information on the direction of a group unconscious.

The mere exposure of a single person to a foreign neuro-net will have them gain access to the information of that foreign neuro-net. Which means, if you want markeitng information from a country you are unfamiliar with, all you require is access to one person who has been exposed to that neuro-net.

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Strategic Planning

Many companies have issues with their strategic planning. it seems very confusing, what vision or mission statement is or it's functinion in the light of the entire company. AS a result the company doesn't opperate efficiently and congruently - more like a lot of people together tryingt o make money any way they can. This discombobulated mess is what is commonly known as a function ing company. and many of the employees of this company hoard their work because they worry someone will take their job rather thant expand and grow and build witin the structure of the company. It costly. Many times companies have gone through so many changes that the employees that remain are in shell-shock. These companies need rivival. For every new CEO installed the upset creates waves of panic through the organizationon and has the organization on hyper allert. Many times these CEO's think they need to clean house to earn respect but instead they just create terror and re-enforce the panic.

A major Strategic Planning Session is required at least every year and in today's change should be taking place every quarter with smaller meetings and reviews taking place monthly and weekly. But, before all that logistics and communication rolls out, the entire company needs to be involved in creating a vision. A vision is an internal statement of how your people agree to intereact with each other and what goal they are going forward to achieve and how they will achieve it. You mission is your outward statement to the world of what you do.

Strategic planning session include teaching your leaders to start the visions and start the conversation of building the vision with the entire company. During this session is required at leas't realize that a visions needs to be made with an entire company and then expect the employees to know the vision of the company off by heart. Many times the vision is long winded and is actually the company mission statment.

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Communication Work

Being a leading organization takes lots of communication. We can create communication plans that work with your existing organizational structure to help you emerge into the corporate culture you want.

Our communication plans include, seminars on resourceful, inclusive, and energy building communication for your team team leads - so your communications don't fall flat!

  • Internal communication-marketing plans to deceminate plans throughout the company.
  • Resource and reminder manuals on communication for team leads.
  • And coaching to help with implimentation.

We believe your people are brilliant and want to harness that information. All our work is based on your people's own ideas and energy, making it a company-self-improvement movement. Our job is to be the link to that prize winning information and energy innate within your employees.

Our results we've seen in less than a year (you can actually feel the shift in energy in less than a month!) from this work has been decrease in employee churn from 25 to 5 percent with a company commitment of 1 to 2 weeks for an employee group of 700.

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Appreciative Inquiry and Corporate Culture Change

Used to create self-sustaining strategic plans on communities and organizations.

Learning Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is for organizational executives that are ready to abandon the cookie cutter change programs that most consultants push but don't work. These programs don't work because they are too general or only specific enough to work in the companies they were created for. Realizing that human systems are constructions of the human imagination and therefore capable of change at the speed of imagination the AI process frees organizations from the restrictive conventions of deficit based change. AI allows organizations the freedom to mobalize strategic change and focus on the visible and tactile strengths of an organization. The AI process is capable of engaging whole systems at amazing scales-easily engaging hundreds sometimes thousands of people and often in a matter of a conversation (days) to levelrage the positive core of the organization.

Using the AI process can help you discover and tap rich, inspiring highlights of personal and collective capacity while linking this energy to any change agenda. Once you have determined what is really working, transformation never thought possible is rapidly and self-governly mobalized.

This innovative process works with the organization as organic system and success depends on a holistic approach to the connect human, technical and organizational functions. Participants learn about the shifting the ways in which we humans work and the roles AI can play in enabling and engaging groups to embrace the new shifts.

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