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Tracy Joy

Who are you?

My name is Tracy Joy and yes, this was my birth name. I have dedicated my life to making significant, sustained changes in human beings. I think my curiosity of human behavior originally started when I was grade five. I happened to convince my entire 5th grade to make tissue flowers in exchange for popularity credit. A pretty huge feat considering I was most likely to be the one tied to a tree with her bike by her classmates. In university I was a scientist through and through graduating first with a biology degree in science and a psychology degree in arts in four and half years.

I moved out west to work with companies and create change within them because I thought people needed to be happy working. Along the way, I learned that it was communication that was paramount in creating human change that fueled any small or large scale change. It was the words they used that created and altered perceptions and motivated people or not. The more I researched and learned the closer it lead me to NLP.

When I started learning NLP, I was skittish. I would tell Carl, my teacher, I'll be there for the first class but I can’t guarantee I would be there for the rest... And then, I would show up to every class in that course! When the next class would start, I would do the same thing. What was so surprising to me, even now, is that when I started learning NLP, I had no idea that I was suffering from PTSD myself. This realization is relatively new. And, it now makes sense why the most of the people I attract to working with me suffer from sexual, physical and emotional abuse... because I’ve suffered the same. And it was as a result of NLP training and being suported by the right people that I got to processed as deeply as I need to work with others that have experienced the same.

NLP literally gave me my life. It allowed me to play in the realm and the level I wanted play at and gave me the accolades and recognition I wanted to get. It got rid of those internal voices or recording from my childhood past that told me I was bad and wrong for so long. If you come and participate in my courses or in my sessions, it really is my pleasure and my honor to help and support you, the way I have learned to do this. No one, should be without support that produces healing.

If you are wondering what my credentials are to do any of this work, here they are:

  • - Bachelor of Science: Zoology and Botany
  • - Bachelor of Arts: Psychology
  • - Completed the Chartered Accountancy Program
  • - Strategic Planning
  • - Corporate Governance
  • - Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner
  • - Leadership Coach
  • - Leadership Consultant
  • - Master in Business and Administration: Executive Management with a specialty in Leadership
  • - Emergenetics Associate
  • - Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • - Systematic Constellations Fascilitator
  • - Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate
  • - PhD in Holistic Psychology (in process)

My education makes a lot of sense when I tell you a classroom has always been my safe place. But then you might think I am all education even though most of my education had very large expereince requirements or required previous expereince to obtain them. I was even a molecular biologist for the faculty of medicine at the University of Manitoba while I was doing my biology and psychology degrees. I've been a CFO in business many times in both Canada and the US, as well directed large scale business culture, thinking change and strategic planning and development in both profit and not-for-profit companies. The one thing I can guarantee about my work is being able to create individual thinking and communication change.


Are you registered?

Yes. My registration is with the Canadian Professional Counseling Association (CPCA) as a Registered Professional Counsellor Candidate(RPCc). Most extended health insurance plans will cover my fee. Please check with your insurance provider. If they don't, please let me know as the CPCA will advocate for inclusion of my fees under their insurance plan.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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