Learning NLP - Therapeutic NLP - Registration Information


Course Registration

Pre-registration and tuition deposit are required. For NLP 1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification there is generally an early registration discount up to 60 days before the start of each course. Please call Tracy for specific information at (415) 404-6636 in the USA and 604-442-8657 in Canada.


Please call for information about tuition and payment plans. Our courses are very favorably priced when compared on a per class-hour basis with other programs. We offer you the convenience of using PayPal to make your deposit and hold your space at your desired training. You can make your deposit today by clicking here.

Our Guarantee

We are so sure you will like and value what you learn in NLP 1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification, that we make the following guarantee: Register for the course, make full payment for the first weekend, and attend for the full weekend. If, at the end of the weekend, you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply turn in your training materials before you leave and your payment will be refunded-no questions asked!

Our Training Staff

To ensure you get plenty of support in your learning experience I (Tracy) will be making myself available as much as possible. Initially classes will be small to maintain the integrity of the learning until we have the resources to support larger classes. If you find yourself on a waiting list for a course, it is because we want to assure you get the best NLP training we can offer.

Our Objective

Our objective in all of our trainings is to get the perspectives and perceptual and behavioral skills, methods, and tools of NLP out of the realm of information and into the realm of behavior. Our objective is to have what you learn be so integrated into who you are that you will use it automatically and naturally in every area of your life. We ask a lot of our students. In fact, we'll ask for your best in terms of participation and commitment to ensure that you get the most from your NLP Vancouver / Therapeutic NLP training experience.

Our Training Format

The format of each training weekend in all of our courses is lecture, live demonstration, and supervised experiential practice exercises. It is a thorough, hands-on format ensuring that you get plenty of practical experience to make NLP skills a vital part of your life. The majority of your time each weekend will be spent learning by doing in a highly supportive and supervised experiential environment.

Supervised Weekly Study Groups

Students will assisted to arrange study groups that meet each week between training weekends. The purpose of Study Groups is to practice and integrate what was learned during the previous training weekend. Plan to take full advantage of them, as they are key to integrating your new skills into your behavior. All our Study Groups will be currently facilitated by Tracy Joy.

Course Materials

In each of our courses, you will receive an in-depth manual covering all of the material taught, with plenty of room for making your own notes as you progress through the training.


Deposits are nonrefundable but, in most cases, are fully transferable to a future Therapeutic NLP training. Tuition is not refundable after the end of the first weekend of NLP 1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification, but can be applied to future trainings in the event a participant is unable to continue.

Practitioner Certification

The progress and skill level of all students is monitored throughout the entire program with feedback and support given to help each student reach a high level of proficiency. Certification as an Basic NLP Practitioner, NLP Advanced Practitioner or Master NLP Practitioner will be awarded to participants who successfully demonstrate competence in understanding and utilizing NLP techniques at the end of NLP1: Basic Practice and Certification, NLP2: Advanced NLP Practice and Certification and NLP3: NLP Master NLP Practice and Certification respectively. Certification testing is part of the final weekend of each of these trainings for those students who desire it.