Class Description - NLP2 - Therapeutic NLP

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TNLP2: Advanced NLP Practice and Certification

NLP2: Advanced NLP Practice and Certification.

This five 3-day weekends course is designed to more deeply integrate all of the learning and experience of the Basic Practitioner Course (NLP1). This course builds on NLP1, which is a pre-requisite. In NLP1 students learn the complete basic skill set of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP 2 teaches students how to apply these skills to create change in themselves and others. The primary objectives of training in Advanced Communication and Change is to radically expand the student's skills repertoire through the acquisition of the remaining tools, models, and frames of the Core Competencies of NLP. Students will dramatically develop their confidence and deepen their almost instinctive competence in using everything they've learned.

Managers, leaders, and trainers: Learn additional skills to notice subtleties of motivation and the proper flow of authority. Learn even more about learning to ask “How do they do that?” as a more useful question than "Why did they do that?" Respectfully create shifts in others by learning to produce creative alignment between your team’s (often unconscious) processes and the power of your own deliberate, highly conscious leadership intention and behavior.

Therapists, counselors, health practitioners, and coaches: Develop even greater elegance in the art of formal and informal outcome discovery and specification. Learn even greater precision in using the spoken word to enhance communication and understanding. These classes will allow you to explore and practice remarkable techniques to access and change the hidden, internal barriers that limit success and that can sabotage your own and your clients best efforts toward learning and growth.

People seeking better personal relationships: Learn how to quickly notice and access the real sources of internal and interpersonal conflict. Learn to understand and resolve these issues quickly, with full respect and appreciation for both parties (or all "sides" of an issue). You will be continuously developing the ability to create or change meaning to establish a new, more useful, perspectives.

People seeking personal change and growth: Develop new internal and external behaviors and skills for greater competence, more effective decision making, and sustained motivation. You will be guided to remarkable new perspectives and shifts within and about yourself. You will find new strengths and capabilities within yourself as you stretch even more smoothly to resolve and heal old internal conflicts and currently less-than-useful patterns of doubt and blame.


Personal change: Work with your classmates over an extended period of time. Discover an exquisite experience of friendship and camaraderie in learning and growing together.

Increased life success: Applying your new tools and skills in your own, original ways will enable you to communicate and establish a unique presence in your life. The practice you do each weekend and at your study groups will enable you to be exceptionally clear about what you want to create and what you would like to attract in all your day to day interactions.

Language skills: Learn the art of reframing. Use story telling and metaphor to enhance communication with the unconscious mind.

Rapport skills: Learn to distinguish between levels of rapport, the difference that makes the difference when you need deeper access to a person’s unconscious mind. Continue to develop the ability to build rapport with absolutely anyone, anywhere, any time. Your conscious learning from NLP1 will integrate all the way into the wonderfully handy domain of unconscious competence.

Outcome Discovery and Specification: Develop even more skill at guiding people to identify what they want, personally and professionally. Learn the art of asking questions that cause “stuck” present tense situations to spontaneously open toward movement and positive change.

Reframing: Learn how to create change through the spoken word. Gradually develop more and more skill in utilizing the art of “specific vagueness” to enhance communication and understanding.

Doing change work with others: Learn more patterns that understand and unlock old patterns of behavior that have become outdated. Learn more techniques to change or shift those patterns. Begin to understand and develop the ability to understand the structure of beliefs and how to change them.


First weekend: In this weekend we will cover the basics of the “meta-model.” These precise question patterns were derived from the work of Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls. They work magically to unlock and unstick an unproductive experience. You will learn how to start accessing volumes of entirely unconscious experience in just a few seconds.

Second weekend: In this weekend we explore the art of reframing and further our exploration of question patterns and language usage. In either the first and/or second weekend we will be delving deeply into ecology and learning many ways to uncover and understand the reasons a pattern exists.

Third weekend: In this weekend we will dig into the VAKOG structure of experience to uncover each others’ “strategies”–the hugely unconscious patterning that determines the success or failure, the easefulness or painfulness, of all of our experience, motivation, decision-making, and learning. You will learn explicit procedures to discover and rewrite all of your old, “dysfunctional” or un-motivation producing programming installing instead more productive and useful patterning.

Fourth weekend: In this weekend we will learn about the uses of story and metaphor to create change and to increase influential memorability. You will develop your skill in using hypnotic language patterning to enhance impact and understanding while learning to conduct multiple, simultaneous conversations with many different levels of the unconscious mind.

Fifth weekend: Practice, skills integration, testing for Practitioner Certification.


Location: Our classes are currently located at Angel Hands Wellness at 201-1416 West 8th Ave in Vancouver. Please make sure you are in contact with Tracy about your contact information so that she may make sure you get proper notification of the location of your class.

Time: Each weekend will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday. Class runs from 10am-6pm with a lunch break from approximately 1-2:30 (the time frame is sometimes a little later or earlier depending on the flow of the day). Students are expected to bring their own lunch or go out to a local restaurant. Coffee, Tea, and Hot and Cold Water are provided.

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