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TNLP2: Constellations Training for Trauma
TNLP2: Constellations Training for Trauma
TNLP2: Constellations Training for Trauma

TNLP2: Constellations Training for Trauma

Have you ever experienced any sort of intransigent stuckness? Feelings of Suffering? Sometimes we do the most elegant NLP work (or years of really excellent therapy, or really high quality energetic shifting or...) and yet we still stay stuck. What is going on? How is this possible?

Perhaps you’ve had an experience of just not understanding what is going on. Weirdly repeating patterns, emotional states, and even illnesses happen that just don’t seem to relate to the circumstances of your life.

Chances are some sort of family loyalty entanglement is going on. These hidden patterns of tribal belonging, patterns of love and loyalty that we call your "emotional inheritance" sometimes get twisted and then repeat in our lives in ways that are not supportive of our well-being. Worse yet, reaching (energetically) beyond your generation in a loving attempt to solve an ancestor’s trauma does absolutely nothing for the tribe but instead creates blocks. That makes the lived experience pretty dysfunctional and creates Suffering.

Family Constellation work is an immensely powerful and healing form of soul work. When you participate in a constellation you will experience:

•Insight and understanding of the real dynamics at play in a system. Who is being loyal to whom? Who might have been excluded? What elements are impacting the system and how is that affecting lives?

•Re-solution of inappropriate loyalty. Once the mystery has been, at least a little, revealed, and the facilitator has some insight into who or what is going on beneath the surface, representatives will be asked to speak statements that acknowledge the facts of the dynamics that are already happening. These statements are sometimes difficult for our socialized selves to accept, but once the facts have been stated the air begins to clear, the pressure goes out of the system, and the entanglements begin to unravel.

•Massive and multi-dimensional healing for the family soul. When excluded members or aspects of the system have been identified and re-included and when people have accepted their place in the system, taken their rightful responsibilities, and given up the things they have held on to that are not theirs, the orders of love and belonging in the system shift to a strong and supportive place, and the system undergoes a powerful regeneration.

Whether you are wanting to facilitate family constellations or just wanting to better understand your place in the many systems you are part of and have a deeper experience of belonging, this class will immerse you into the workings of constellations and let you feel them at work in yourself and others.

Coaches, doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors and practitioners of all kinds can all benefit greatly from these tools and frames to work with their clients and patients. Also, for those who are looking for a deeper understanding of constellation work for any reason, including insight into their own family system, this three 3-day weekend course creates a deep and profound experiential knowledge of those often hidden tribal dynamics that so hugely impact all of our lives.

Although no NLP experience is necessary to benefit from this class it is emensely useful to have a good NLP background. Starting out we have made our NLP classes a pre-requisite for this class. If there is increased demand for this course, we will consider opening it up to the public.


This highly participatory class is designed for creating more understanding of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation work.

The class is designed to give participants a solid grounding in the fundamentals of how constellation work is done. Participants will have an opportunity to facilitate a constellation under the supervision of an experienced trainer and constellation leader.

It provides an introduction to some of the more sophisticated understandings and stances which lend increased elegance and depth to the work. Students will learn how the orders of love operate and how people become entangled by unconscious rules of family belonging.

Everyone will participate, either as a representative, a facilitator, or both, in many constellations and will therefore get to try these tools directly. This means participants will have many opportunities to participate in shifts in other peoples’ system as well as to experience shifts their own system.

Whether you are wanting to learn how to facilitate constellations or you are intrigued and inspired by the profound depth and possibilities of the work and want an even more visceral experience of it, this class will help you to understand the underlying structure and poetry of constellation work and to find the places in you that respond to the energies of the field, and that can influence them in turn in respectful and beneficial ways.


Location: Our classes are currently located at Angel Hands Wellness at 201-1416 West 8th Ave in Vancouver. Please make sure you are in contact with Tracy about your contact information so that she may make sure you get proper notification of the location of your class.

Time: Each weekend will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday. Class runs from 10am-6pm with a lunch break from approximately 1-2:30 (the time frame is sometimes a little later or earlier depending on the flow of the day). Students are expected to bring their own lunch or go out to a local restaurant. Tea, and Hot and Cold Water are provided.

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