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Our Classes - Intro to NLP

Introduction to NLP

An amazing experience for everyone who didn't get the full "User Manual" for being human.

Our Free introduction to NLP is an easy-going, fast-paced, three hour tour through some of the most important parts of the completely amazing NLP toolbox for human change. The Free Workshop is presented by Tracy Joy, a founder of NLP Vancouver and Therapeutic NLP and is one of the most experienced NLP trainers in Canada.

We want to provide the most thorough teaching of NLP toolbox ever. We are planning to include tools that have long since been forgotten and include other tools that have advanced and have never been linked to NLP practice to create something so elegant, and so very extraordinary. NLP itself has made such a difference in my own life and because so much of the NLP that people encounter out in the world is many times manipulative superficial, and disrespectful, I am completely over the moon about being the Canadian expert in this area and being able to introduce others to the kind of NLP that I love so much.

In the course of the three hours, Tracy lectures for a few minutes (not for very long, I would rather interact with you), to present a little bit of NLP history and background, and also a little bit of other information about the amazing, original discoveries that started the whole NLP revolution. Tracy will use most of the time to demonstrate some NLP change and communication basics, and to invite participants to try them out-in the privacy of their own experience. The Free Workshop format is highly interactive, but also respectfully private. Because of the way NLP works, our participants can share about their experience of the various NLP techniques without having to reveal anything about the content of their lives. Of course, all sharing is welcome. We spend most of the time laughing, and Tracy loves questions.

At the end of our time, everyone will have completely and delightfully new ways to understand and make sense out of their experience of being human, as well as some specific ideas about why their current relationships and other communication situations unfold the way they do. In addition, everyone will leave with some simple but amazingly powerful ways to directly change (improve!) the feelings that are associated with any experience they encounter in daily life.

Therapeutic NLP offers a distinctly original, unconventional approach to teaching Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), one that has evolved and unfolded over more than twenty-four years.

This three-hour workshops provide a "hands-on" experience of NLP. It provides insight into how NLP could be useful in your unique life circumstances. It will provide you with the opportunity to meet Tracy Joy, one of the leading NLP practitioners in Canada. Whether you go on to take one of our courses, or not. Do not miss this opportunity.

In addition to the superior communication tools and skills we offer, what sets Therapeutic NLP apart is our whole-hearted commitment to our students' learning and growth.

The Free Workshop truly is a workshop. It is not a sales push disguised as a workshop. (We usually have to rein Tracy in from doing real class material in the three hours.) However, we do take a few minutes to present some basic information about the format and logistics of our NLP1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification. All training questions are welcome and all are answered.

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Join us for our next live free three-hour Introductory Workshop - Call or email to register now: 604-442-TNLP (8657)

Our Classes - NLP1

NLP1: Basic NLP Practice and Certification

Nine Days (Three 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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In NLP 1 you will learn the full, basic and foundational communication and change skill sets of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Supervised practice supports integrating these powerful tools into your behaviour so that they are automatically and naturally available to enhance communication and connection with others. You will also learn the powerful NLP change techniques and patterns that will make it easy to make the kinds of choice–and achieve the kinds of life-changing results–that haven’t been available before. These amazing perceptual and behavioural skills and tools have been proven, for more than 30 years, to work, wherever people are relating and working together. This course provides each student with a unique understanding and skills that become “the difference that makes the difference”–between run-of-the-mill capability and truly magnificent art and skill, with self and others.

Certification as a Basic NLP Practitioner is available at the end of this class.

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Our Classes - NLP2

NLP2: Advanced NLP Practice and Certification

Fifteen Days (Five 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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This course builds on NLP 1, which is a prerequisite. The primary objectives of NLP 2 are to expand your skills repertoire through the addition of the remaining models and frames of the Core Competencies of NLP, and to develop your confidence and competence in using all that you have learned.

Certification as an Advanced NLP Practitioner is available at the end of this class.

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Our Classes - NLP3

NLP3: Masters NLP Practice and Certification

Twenty-four Days (Eight 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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Our Master Practitioner Certification Training provides the opportunity for the student to develop mastery in the use of NLP through expanded understanding, not only of the NLP model, but also of significant contexts within which the NLP model is taught at Therapeutic NLP for work with victims of trauma. These contexts include:

  • • Childhood development psychology
  • • Family systems dynamics
  • • The physical function of the brain and nervous system
  • • Recognition that humankind exists within the frame of a larger whole
  • • Implications of operating from a Newtonian versus a Quantum world view

The objectives of the Masters course are to expand understanding of human behaviour and how to influence or change it with integrity, to promote continuing movement toward excellence and ease with core-level material, and to provide a powerful increase in the student’s ability to use NLP as a foundation for elegant communication and change in all aspects of life.

Certification as a NLP Master Practitioner is available at the end of this class.

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Our Classes - TNLP1

TNLP1: Advanced Topics in NLP

Nine Days (Three 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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How do I know what to ask next? How do I know what to do next? - The answer to both questions lies in developing our ability to feel or sense the “whole field” that is the client’s experience of life.

Human lives are creative wholes. To be properly respected, our lives need to be approached holistically.

Advanced Topics in NLP, a post-Masters course, is about learning to work with the whole by dealing with the parts. It's about sensing the structure of the client's whole life (the "whole field") through having contact with any piece of it. It's about how to drop down deeper without making things more complicated.

Advanced Topics in NLP is about learning to so deeply to respect the client's Present Experience that it ceases to be an obstacle and becomes the compelling pathway to the fulfillment of the Desired Experience.

Major Themes encountered in Advanced Topics in NLP are Trans-Genrational Dynamics, Advanced Physiology and Psychology, Advanced Programmer Stance, Virtual Systems, Identity Coherence and Interference, Brain Quadrants, and Advanced Information Gathering.

This exceptional and elegant training is unique to Tracy Joy and only offered through Therapeutic NLP and to our graduates.

For a full description of this course click here.

Our Classes - TNLP2

TNLP2: Constellations Training for Trauma

Nine Days (Three 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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Everywhere you go, what ever you are doing, just moving through life, you are part of a system. Although this class will focus on facilitating constellations, the skills, presuppositions and understandings that you will be gaining are directly applicable to your participation in all the systems of which you are a part of.

Learning to recognize what kinds of actions and sentences facilitate movement and resolution, as well as what tends to cause frustration and entanglements, can be put to very good use at home, with your family, at work, and in your community. And learning to appreciate the energy that is driving the system for the love that is truly is will add depth and grace to your experience of life and belonging.

The purpose of this training is to provide its participants with the opportunity to learn the art of working with systems through doing constellations and then applying it to cases where the client has experienced trauma to relieve them from that experience.

Students will get to run and participate in constellations as well have their own constellation done. As a result of this training the student will gain understanding of all aspects of constellations and be able to facilitate constellations on their own.

For a full description of this course click here.

Our Classes - TNLP3

TNLP3: Therapeutic NLP Practice and Certification

Nine to eight-teen Days (Three to Six 3-Day Weekends)

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

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For those who want to develop a professional practice of Therapeutic NLP. Trauma therapy requires the practitioner to have a repertoire of therapeutic approaches to deal with evolving issues and changes with working with clients. This course has been designed to help glue those pieces together and provide the elements for gaining accreditation in outside world as well is teaching some extra essential trauma work skills like Dialectic Behavioural Therapy(DBT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT), Trauma Therapy, Ethical Practice, Practice Organization and Development. This course not only tasks the student with being the subject of these therapies but also being the practitioner in that they are are given an actual client as a case to work with, monitor and transform during the length course for obtaining certification. The student practitioner will work with diagnosis such as anxiety disorders, addictions, depression, borderline personality disorder, and other disorders where the client still has control over their representations.

Certification as a Therapeutic NLP Practitioner is available after completion of this and the prior 6 courses.

The student meets the requirement for entry into the Canadian Association of Professional Counsellors as a Candidate Member after this course after this course.

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After I attend your classes how do I get accreditation?

We make sure that we provide you with the information you need to pass the registration exam and provide you with a letter of verification that you have the 75 hours experience requirement to obtain a Registered Professional Counselling Candidate (RPCc) designation. At this time we cannot offer the two year extended observation to become a full member of the Canadian Professional Counselling Association (CPCA) but in time we hope to be able to offer this. Most extended health insurance plans will cover our student's fees as a result of just being RPCc's.

NLP Traning

Who is this training for?

  • Well, which below describes you?
  • 1.) You want professional development to improve your job ability in leadership, communication and workability with your coworkers and/or boss.
  • 2.) You work with people who seek to better their lives (you are a therapist, hypnotherapist, body worker, holistic or an alternative healer). You want to develop quick, deep rapport with your clients to calm and relax them and facilitate their change. You want to augment and enhance your change repertoire and may even want to start your own NLP practice.
  • 3.) You may have already learned NLP but are not satisfied with your to the ability to apply the formulas efficiently effectively and how you've been able to integrate NLP into your own life. You may have even added other skills like coaching or some type of touch therapy to your NLP training to augment your NLP.
  • 4.) You want your own personal and professional change, growth and development for a better, more fulfilling experience of life. You know it is created by you own internal change.
  • Everyone gets number 4!